Early Reviews for Forget-Her-Nots!!!

Thanks to all of the people who have blurbed about or WOW’d or read FHN already.  Here are some of the awesome reviews so far:

“Forget-Her-Nots is a rich and original debut by a very talented debut author that yet again proves what a fantastic year 2010 is going to be for YA…. In all, Forget-Her-Nots is a darling and enchanting read that I can’t wait to talk about with others!”

Lauren of Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf.

“Forget-Her-Nots was a great read with a wonderfully original premise. I loved learning about the Victorian language of flowers and what each variety was thought to mean – the feelings and behavior it might provoke.

There were beautifully written passages throughout the book, one flashback between Laurel and her mother a favorite of mine. Very enjoyable and totally appropriate for younger YA readers on up!”

Jen Nadol, author of  The Mark

“Like the petals of a rose, this book has layers of loveliness. The delicate and feminine cover adds to its beauty and will make a wonderful addition to any library.”

Christina Gonzalez, author of The Red Umbrella

“Very cute, original plot, and a fun read.”  Sharon of Sharonlovesbooksandcats.com

“This book was amazing. I loved how White created something so unique.”

Sarah at Sarah’s Random Musings

“4.5 stars!”  – Cindy Pon, author of Silver Phoenix:  Beyond the Kingdom of Xia

“I love this book so far. It’s really addicting” and FIVE STARS  from Zoe of Zoe’s Book Reviews

“I’m one of the lucky ones to have been able to read this pre-published. It is a unique fantasy that will delight all readers with a compelling mystery and lots of fun romance! You will also come out learning a lot about the Victorian meaning to tussy mussies (or flower bouquets) that has stayed with me ever since I read the manuscript. If you love historical romance as well as contemporary YA plotlines, this is the book for you.”   – Pam Calvert, author of Princess Peepers and other books

Happy 2010!

I’m posting this a little early, because we’re headed out of town for some much-needed R & R, and I’m not sure what my internet conductivity will be.  Before 2009 comes to a close, I just want to thank all the awesome people who have helped me make it through a somewhat rocky year.

-My fabulous editors Virginia, Martha, and Sarah at Greenwillow Books/HarperCollins, who helped to shape Forget-Her-Nots into a novel I’m so proud of.  Happy 35th anniversary, Greenwillow!

– My art director at Greenwillow, Paul Zakris, who designed a beautiful package to hold my words.

-My agent, Steven Chudney, who has always had faith in the magic of the novel and my ability to write lovely and moving words.

– My three kids who keep me centered and sane.  They show me my best and worse self and even write me poems when I’m down.

– My husband, who gave me a room of my own and time to be there.

– My two sisters, brother, and Mom who have supported and loved me again and again.

– My great friends — Kathi, Margit, Carol, Carol (yup, there are two of them), Barbara, and Suzanne.  You all have provided amazing shoulders, ears, and hugs.

– The Tenners.  I’ve learned so much and had sooo much fun with all of you!  2010 will rock for books!

– My wonderful new crit partners, Denise, Pam, and Cyn, who have been invaluable to my WIP, String Theories, and who rock as writers themselves!

Vania, for designing amazing postcards and bookmarks I hope to send EVERYWHERE.

– The YA blogger community, especially everyone who’s W.O.W.’d  Forget-Her -Nots and added me to their Debut Challenge lists!

Thanks everybody!  I can’t wait for 2010 to begin.

Happy Agent Day!!

Just want to give a special shout-out to my awesome agent, Steven Chudney of The Chudney Agency!!  Steven truly believes in the magic of FORGET-HER-NOTS, and I hope for many happy years together!  Thanks, Steven!!

(And thanks to Kody Keplinger, author of THE DUFF, for suggesting this day. 🙂

Debut Author Challenge!!

Have you heard about the amazing debut author challenge thought up by The Story Siren, YA blogger extraordinaire! Challenge yourself to read at least twenty-five books by new authors.  Of course, I have to recommend the Tenner novels!  (just click on the Tenner link to the left to find some).

I’m thrilled to be included on lists by Sharon Loves Books and Cats,  A Book Dork, The Frenetic Reader, The Neverending Shelf, Sarah’s Random Musings, and Ellz Reads . Thanks so much amazing YA bloggers!  A white bellflower for everlasting gratitude. 

This just in:  More bloggers have added me to their list.  Huge thanks to Reverie Book Reviews,  Wicked Good Books, and the amazing Kristi at The Story Siren.  Wow!  I’m thrilled.

Forget-Her-Nots has made even more Challenge lists!!  Thanks to Late Bloomers Online, Lost in a Book,  YA Book Queen, An Addicted Book Reader, Book Mac, Katie’s Book Blog, GreenBeanTeenQueen, ReadWhatYouKnow and Library Lounge Lizard.  You all rock!



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(Button by Tara.)

The Last Rose

It’s cold and rainy today, one of my least favorite types of weather, but I just saw something amazing.  My kids were off to school, and I’d finished walking the dog.  A spot of pink caught my eye as I rounded our house.  It was a gorgeous pink rose.  (I know I should have a picture, but my camera is being annoying today.  So I’ll have to describe it.)  It’s a light shade of pink with more petals than I can count.  It weathered cold air, wind, and rain to open perfectly in my side yard.  It’s the definitely last rose of the year, because there are no buds left.  I’m not usually a rose person, because they’re too labor intensive.  (I prefer easy perennials at this point in my life.)  But this one seemed almost miraculous and symbolic.  One last burst of beauty and rosy fragrance before winter descends.                     





In the language of flowers, a pink rose can mean grace, beauty, and happiness.  It brought all to me today!