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I continue to be amazed and grateful to all the awesome YA bloggers who have found Forget-Her-Nots way before it’s on the shelves.  This week a special thanks go out to Kristen at Bookworming in the 21st Century for WOW’ing my novel on her blog:

And the wonderful Sara at The Hiding Spot blog made me her Cover of the Week!


Also, don’t forget to bid on my 25 page critique of YOUR manuscript at

It’s cheap and the money goes to a great cause.

Have a wonderful week!  I’m back to String Theories ….

My Apologies!

Wow, I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted anything.  So sorry!  My excuse is that I’ve been writing like crazy, working to finish a complete draft of STRING THEORIES, that I’m happy with and want to send to my wonderful agent.  It seems like it’s finally coming together, and I’m hoping to finish up before my mom comes to town this weekend.  She just turned 70, and I’ve promised to wine, dine, and take her to art exhibits while she’s here.  Gotta love Washington, D.C., for those free museums.  We’ll take in the John Singer Sargeant seaside paintings at the Corcoran and make it to some of our favorites at the National Gallery.  I definitely feel like I deserve some celebrating after working this hard this fall!

One of these days, I’d love to write a novel that has to do with painting and art.  Early drafts of Forget-Her-Nots actually had a scene at the National Gallery.  I love poems and novels that explore the relationships between paintings and the real world.  There are sooo many paintings I would love to step into the world of, especially anything by Paul Cezanne.  

Here’s one of my favorites.  Wouldn’t you love to step inside?!




The Keys to Originality

Hi, all.  Check out my thoughts on writing and originality at

My formula works whether you’re a seasoned novelist or just trying to get through that high school English class.  Happy writing!



My lovely cover!

My lovely cover!



ARC excitement


A few awesome YA bloggers have received advanced reader copies of Forget-Her-Nots.  Check out Kristi’s (aka The Story Siren) excitement! 

Wow!  I’m am absolutely thrilled (and a little terrified) that my book is out there and being read. 

Bouquets of white bellflowers and lemon verbena to all the amazing YA bloggers!

<3  Amy