The Keys to Originality

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My formula works whether you’re a seasoned novelist or just trying to get through that high school English class.  Happy writing!



My lovely cover!

My lovely cover!



ARC excitement


A few awesome YA bloggers have received advanced reader copies of Forget-Her-Nots.  Check out Kristi’s (aka The Story Siren) excitement! 

Wow!  I’m am absolutely thrilled (and a little terrified) that my book is out there and being read. 

Bouquets of white bellflowers and lemon verbena to all the amazing YA bloggers!

<3  Amy

Forget-Her-Nots Sold in Japan!

Thanks to my awesome agent, Steven Chudney, who sold my novel to the Japanese publisher, Shogakukan.

Here is a description of the publisher’s philosophy from their website:

Though it is not possible for publications to solve the world’s problems, they are capable of sowing small seeds that move people’s hearts in a positive direction. It is the task of publications to sow seeds that bear fruit in our lives and bloom as flowers. That is our philosophy.

I am very excited and honored that they have chosen my novel!  How perfect for a novel about the magic of flowers.  🙂