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Get Thee To A ….

Since October, I’ve been in the throes of revision on String Theories, which accounts for my more random posts and sporadic online presence. My apologies, but a writer’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. Juggling a family and a writing career is a wonderful challenge, but when it’s crunch time on a manuscript, things do slip through the cracks. So here’s a little catch up for me:

1) Congrats to Belle for winning my Delirium giveaway. I let her know awhile back, but didn’t manage to post here.

2) Thanks so much to Booktopia, a new children’s indie in Bethesda, MD, that hosted me for a wonderful event back in December. They even put my name in lights on the sign outside the store:

3) Thanks so much to my amazing and talented cousin Laura who baked this FHN cake for a meeting of the Mount Vernon Bluestockings book group. I had a wonderful time talking about writing and the language of flowers, and the cake was delicious!

4) I blogged today on Authors Now about the best writing advice ever.

5) And lastly, get thee to a conservatory! This winter has been a bear, and we all need a breath of fresh flowers. From San Francisco to Brooklyn, there are wonderful conservatories across the U.S., so find one nearby and treat yourself to a mini tropical vacation.

If you live in the DC area, the National Museum of Natural History is hosting a show on the orchid in Chinese culture. I can’t wait!!