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Books, Blooms, and a Fro

The wonderful Skyanne at Harmony Book Reviews, the force behind BringYA2PA, has chosen a library to receive my Library Loving Challenge donation. It’s Wyalusing Public Library in Pennsylvania. I’ll be sending them a check for $100 for their young adult book section and a signed copy of Forget-Her-Nots. Overall, through Jenn Hubbard’s efforts, more than $1600 was raised for needy libraries across the country.  Yay, Jenn!!

Also, I will be giving my Philly Flower Show talk on the Language of Flowers at a wonderful new indie bookstore right in my home town.  I’ll be at One More Page Books on April 30th at 2 pm. This great little bookstore has an excellent selection of both adult and kids’ books. Plus they sell wine and cheese! Hope to see you there.

As always, I’m amazed by spring time in Virginia. The dogwoods are so lovely, my little cherry tree is covered with blooms that will turn into yummy cherries, and I have all kinds of cool native plants and ferns opening on my wooded hill. And yes, I am that crazy lady pulling out the invasive garlic mustard along the paths of Arlington. Here’s my cherry:

And my dog got a fro cut too. She has naturally curly hair, so I swear they must have blown it dry. My husband thinks she looks embarrassed.

New Resolutions, Something to File Away & PAYA Recap

Even though I’m not in school anymore and haven’t been for awhile, this time of year always feels like a new start. Which is a good thing, because I need one.

Most of my summer has been focused on promoting Forget-Her-Nots wherever I happened to be. I did some school visits, a camp visit, arboretum visits, a bunch of bookstore visits, conservatory visits, and lots of cold calls to flower lovers and book store owners. In short, I was very extroverted for a writer. It’s been awesome, and I’ve met a TON of wonderful people who love my book or can’t wait to read it. But now it’s time to get back to writing and figuring out what the next book will be about.  I need some quiet writing time. That’s new school year resolution Number One.

Number two: I also want to get back to my interview series with writers, bloggers, librarians, etc. This weekend Denise Jaden, a Tenner buddy, whose novel Losing Faith releases soon, will drop by.  So stay tuned.

In the meantime, here are a few pics from Bring YA2PA! I had such a wonderful time hanging out with writer buddies Shannon Delany, Josh Berk, Jenn Hubbard, Jeri Ready-Smith, Jon Skovron, Holly Nicole Hoxter, Stephanie Kuehnert, and others. I’ve had the privilege of running into them quite a lot lately, and it’s been amazingly fun. Thanks so much to Children’s Book World in Haverford, PA, for lugging all our books there to sign and donating a percentage to help PA libraries!!  And I was also excited to see bloggers Kristi, aka The Story Siren, James, aka Book Chic, and StephSu there to support Harmony. Amazing!!

For budding writers, here’s the something to file away: BringPA2YA was completely new this year, but the blogger/organizer, Harmony, is so wonderful and enthusiastic that she talked a bunch of writers into coming and doing workshops, including me. And, did I mention, that Harmony is only 15 years old!!  What an impressive woman.  Before the main author signing, unpublished authors could register for workshops with writers, like me, Stephanie, Shannon, Jon, and Josh.  But since the event was brand-new, not many new writers signed up. So those that did were three on three;  that’s three published writers critiquing the first chapters of three novice authors. Just try to beat those odds. Jon, Shannon, and I had a great time working together to help the writers, and it was all for a great cause:  Pennsylvania libraries.

A mini Tenner meet up!!  Holly, me, Berk, and Jenn at the signing.

And here’s me signing a book for the wonderful Anne, who blogs as Potter, Percy, and I. She and her mom drove all the way from Pittsburgh to come see the 18 authors and more. Harmony’s in the coral dress in the middle. (below) Now to find that author cave … it’s here somewhere ….

On the Road again …

First off, congrats to Lisa P. who won the ARC of Kiersten White’s Paranormalcy that I snagged at ALA. When you read the book you’ll see why the title must be in pink. This was a very fun, well-crafted read for ages 12 and up. I especially loved the character Lend and the new twists on paranormal.

I am headed to my summer haunt on the beaches of Lake Michigan with my large family. This summer has been blistering, and I’m thrilled to be able to escape the craziness that is D.C. for awhile. I have a huge stack of books to read by lots of my YA friends. And, if you haven’t read The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson yet, do so. It’s lovely and poetic and whimsical and wrenching.

I will, however, be making stops along the way at some fine indie bookstores to sign Forget-Her-Nots. So please come see me in you live in Michigan. I’ll be in Ann Arbor at Nicola’s, in Traverse City at Horizon Books, and in Leland at Leelanau Books. And please keep your fingers crossed that I hear some good news about a certain manuscript soon. Also, I hope to see you at the amazing Bring YA to PA on August 21st in West Chester, PA.

Sweet basil and orange crocuses to you!

Reuniting and Circling

My dad always thought I was a little nuts to major in “big books” as he called it.  The Program of Liberal Studies, as it is officially called, wasn’t practical enough for him. Its completion guaranteed nothing other than knowing lots of answers to obscure questions about Kant or The Bhagavad Gita. We always joked we were good at cocktail party conversation.  But I LOVED it.  I adored the range of learning and the breadth of studying human history — math, philosophy, literature — from an historical perspective. The challenging primary texts and small classes made me think and articulate and dream.

My biggest dream? Why becoming a published author, of course!

So this weekend, I am thrilled to be signing at my alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, for my reunion weekend. It feels like a homecoming and a completion. I’m so grateful for the people who taught me there, for the books I read, and for the friendships I made there, including my husband.

And my dad? He wasn’t such a curmudgeon. He’s also the one who once gave me a card of a kid fishing in a puddle on the street outside his suburban home.  He told me it reminded him of my desire to be a writer. Which might not be so great, except that the stubborn and hopeful kid has a bucket full of fish next to him. (That card is now framed and hanging next to my desk.)  So while I’m at ND, I will lift a glass to my dad who passed away too many years ago, to bottomless puddles of ideas, and to coming full circle.

Gallivanting and Hawking and Peonies, oh my!

It’s been forever since I posted, because I’ve been on the road locally doing readings and some creative marketing. It’s been great fun, and I’ve met lots of wonderful people. So here are a few snapshots from last week:

On Thursday and Friday, I was at the American Horticultural Society‘s annual plant sale hawking my book and signing. One of the best parts was meeting Kathleen Gagan, aka the Peony Lady, who was just on Martha Stewart’s show. Kathleen is a marketing genius and came up with a brilliant name for her business:  Peony’s Envy.

Get it?! You can find out more about Kathleen and her business here. Of course I had to buy some, especially when I heard she had shade peonies, which I didn’t know existed. I can’t wait for mine to bloom! In the language of flowers, peonies mean shame or bashfulness. However, according to Martha Stewart, they symbolize good fortune in the Chinese culture. So let’s go with the Chinese translation. Peonies are wonderfully fragrant, and the plants last forever, i.e. a hundred years. As Kathleen pointed out to Martha, a peony plant can be handed down through the generations, which is a very cool idea. FYI, peonies also take three years to establish and bloom well, but they are definitely worth the wait. My neighbor has amazing peonies and brings me a huge bouquet every year!

I also sold and signed at several Virginia Garden Week events in Ashland and Fredericksburg. Again, I met lots of wonderful people who were so excited to read FHN and give it as a gift for special occasions. Here I am in Ashland:

Very pink!! I was also asked to speak about the language of flowers to several gardening groups and garden clubs, so I’m excited about that, too.

And, lastly, here I am at Fountain Bookstore in Richmond, Va., doing a tussie-mussie demonstration and catching up with some old friends who came to see me.  Thanks so much to Kelly and Tess for making me feel welcome and being patient with me! (I had some directional challenges on the way. Must buy GPS system.)

I have a few days to rest and play catch up until the huge  Friends of the National Arboretum (FONA) plant sale on Saturday, April 24th, here in D.C.! And, the best news of all last week was that my wonderful agent Steven read and loved my new novel, String Theories. It’s about a girl who gets in over her head, the physics of relationships, a stream, and getting even. Whew! I didn’t realize how nervous I was. It’s completely different from FHN, and I’m very excited about it.

Next up: an interview with the amazing and sweet novelist Kathy Erskine, author of Mockingbird and Quaking.

** And my giveaway contest for Mistwood ends this weekend. Have you entered? Find out more here.