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Website Under Construction, plus Free Essay Coaching Talk

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Stay tuned!

I’m updating my website to focus on my new upmarket women’s novel REALITY BOUQUET. Along with my daughter, Sam, I’ve also been working on a nonfiction how-to, book proposal called GET HEARD! How to Empower Your Voice through Better Writing. Our target audience is young writers ages 12 to 16 who want to raise their voices. More to follow….

And, I’m doing my annual pro-bono talk on “Writing YOUR College Essay” at Arlington Central Library on Sunday, June 2nd from 4:30 to 6 pm. Please spread the word!

A Day of Inspirational Women!

I was so honored and excited to be chosen as an “Inspirational Woman in Journalism” by Jade and Wilnona, the fabulous “And I Thought Ladies,” who themselves inspire and connect women across the country.  Our topic was courage in both life and writing, and we heard some impressive women speak, both live and virtually at The Writer’s Center in Bethesda, MD.

In my own speech, I shared details about the nonfiction book proposal, GET HEARD!, that my daughter, Sam, and I are working on. We aim to give young writers and activists the writing tools they need to be heard by those in power. I also shared a personal anecdote about “The Girlfriend Pep Talk” which helped me conquer a 40-foot-high ropes course. I’m thrilled to be writing about that soon for

In particular, I enjoyed getting to know Tara Lynn Masih and hearing about her writer’s journey and can’t wait to read My Real Name is Hanna, her YA novel about the Holocaust in Ukraine that was inspired by actual events. Annapolis author, Janice F. Booth also shared her insights about a lifetime of writing and teaching writing, while Ruby Lopez Harper shared her story of fighting for her place as both an artist and arts advocate.

Eve Hurwitz, a former Navy pilot and now reservist, graciously subbed in for another speaker at the last moment and pumped up the crowd with her incredible energy and vision for the future. I hope I get to vote for her one of these days!

In part, the day supported Powerful Beginnings, a nonprofit in Georgia that helps courageous women leave abusive situations. I was excited to meet and listen to Monika Thornton, the group’s founder and look forward to supporting her much-needed work.

Recent articles: Mini-escapes and a guide to the many charms of Annapolis

Oops! I was so busy wrapping up the 2017 college essay coaching season and working on my novel that I forgot to post some of my recent articles. Yes, I am a writing coach who writes and publishes regularly!

If you’re interested in hiring me for the 2018 college essay coaching season (which usually begins mid-June), please email me as soon as possible. My full package spots are filling up fast!

In the meantime, enjoy my travel articles. I’ve been focused on the mid-Atlantic region for years, but I’m hoping to expand my wanderings now that I’m an empty nester myself.

Looking for a mini-escape in the DC area? Read this.

Unfamiliar with the fascinating and fun city of Annapolis? Read this.

And if you’ve read something wonderful or visited somewhere fun, please let me know about that, too. I’m always open to ideas. Happy reading!

Read On… and On and On

BoWbookpileThis particular article in Arlington Magazine is near to my heart. I’m a huge reader and think the world would be a kinder, calmer place if everyone read more. And research shows that regular readers live longer, are less stressed, and earn more money than those who rarely read. Wow! (Read my article below for the details. Here’s the link to the research on living longer, which came out after my article went to press.)

In addition, instilling a habit of reading into your children is THE BEST way to prepare them for the testing culture of SATs, ACTs, SAT II’s, and many Advanced Placement tests.

So how do you encourage your child to become a reader? Read on, dear reader.

Interested in pursuing a STEM career?

The blog, Collegewise ,which is written by professional college consultants, can be a great source of information and sanity for students approaching college and their parents. I haven’t read the whole guide (here) — my kids haven’t leaned toward STEM careers so far — but it looks very thorough and helpful.

Also, I will be coaching rising seniors over the summer on their college essays. Getting the largest one — the 650 word Common App essay — done over the summer is a fabulous idea and will significantly reduce your first semester stress.  Email me or send me a message to find out more or reserve a date.  I promise it won’t hurt.

Happy writing!