Testimonials by Students and Parents, College Acceptances

What my students say:

“I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for your help; you truly helped me find the right words to show my best self!”

– a student at Washington-Lee H.S.


“Amy helped me turn disconnected ideas into a coherent story. All throughout the process, she was an incredibly helpful guide and tremendously professional. I cannot thank her enough for her endless prompt replies, thoughtful comments and for sharing her expertise as a writer.”

– a graduate student who attends Oxford University


“Amy was a total lifesaver during the college application process! Her thoughtful editing gave my papers focus and polish, and has left me with a better understanding of how to refine my own writing.”
 – a student at Washington-Lee H.S.

“Amy helped me completely reshape how I approached college essays. She gave me great comments and suggestions without changing my voice as a writer. I highly recommend her to anyone applying to college.”

– a student at John Marshall H. S.

“Thank you for all the help you gave me. It really did make a difference in my writing and I feel very proud of the finished pieces I now have.”

– A student at Yorktown H. S.

“Amy helped me get into a top 5 business school, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance and more detailed essay editing. She not only checked grammatical errors but guided me towards stronger essay themes that painted a better picture of who I am. She was extremely prompt in returning emails and essay editing. Amy was one of the best decisions I made throughout my application process!”

– A former member of the Armed Services applying to graduate business school



What their parents say:

“You have been enormously helpful.  My son’s English is actually quite good and a lot of the essay coaches we looked at were all about the grammar, but you really helped him develop ideas and find ways to express himself in a way that was original and interesting but completely true to who is he is.”

– the parent of a Thomas Jefferson student


“Dear Amy. Thank you SO MUCH! I cannot express how wonderful it is knowing that [my son] had someone as thoughtful and talented as you guiding him this fall. You have been a blessing to our family, and I can’t wait to have you work with my younger daughter.”

– parent of a Georgetown Day School student


“Amy is an excellent resource for any rising Junior or Senior (and their parents) in need of assistance in the college application process.  Amy coached our daughter on the process of refining her college essays from the initial concepts to the final finished product.  Amy does not write the essays for her students. Rather she teaches the student the process starting with the concept, and then through many edits and much refining, the student creates an essay that captures the essence of the message the student wishes to  convey. Learning the skill of refining her essays was  an invaluable asset for our daughter and one she will use for a lifetime.  We highly recommend Amy for any student and their family embarking on the essay portion of the college application process.”

– Parent of a student at Bishop O’Connell high school


“The only thing my son hates worse than writing is writing about himself (possibly causes actual physical pain). I was dreading having him write a college essay, knowing what kind of battle we were in for.

Amy sat with him and very patiently pulled an essay out of him word by word. I can say with confidence that it was his essay, and that it was surprisingly good. I never could have done that, and he couldn’t – or certainly wouldn’t – have done it on his own.

Although he takes difficult classes, my son’s grades are not stellar. Nevertheless, he was accepted into a number of good schools, and he was proud and happy at his success. I enthusiastically recommend Amy as an essay coach. She is a genius.”

– Parent of student at Washington – Lee H. S.


“I’ve been meaning to thank you for all your help! Your feedback was terrific. The essay writing was not easy for [my son.] It added a lot of stress to the process, but knowing you were there when he needed you was a huge relief. We can’t thank you enough!

– Parent of a student at Washington – Lee H.S.


“[My son] felt much more purposeful and empowered after meeting with you.  It really shows in his latest essay.  He has high regard for your feedback and skills (as do I).”

– Parent of a student at Washington – Lee H. S.



Colleges That Have Accepted My Students:

Amherst College

Barnard College

Bates College

Boston College

Boston University

Brown University

Christopher Newport University

Colby College

Colgate University

College of Wooster

Colorado College

Cornell University

University of Delaware

Dartmouth College

Denison College

Depaul University

Drexel University

Duke University

Elon University

Emory University

Fordham University

George Mason University

Georgetown University

Georgia Tech

Hamilton College

Harvard University

Holy Cross College

James Madison University

Johns Hopkins University

Kalamazoo College

Knox College

Lehigh University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)

Miami of Ohio University

Michigan State

Muhlenberg College

North Carolina State

Northwestern University


Oberlin College

Oxford University, U.K.

Penn State

Pomona College

Purdue University

Rice Univesity

Salisbury College

Smith College

Stanford University

Texas A & M

Tufts University

Tulane University


UC- Berkeley


University of Chicago (undergraduate and graduate)

University of Georgia

University of Illinois

University of Kentucky

University of Maryland

University of Mary Washington

University of Michigan

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of Notre Dame

University of Pennsylvania

University of Southern California

University of Texas, Austin

University of Vermont

University of Virginia

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Vanderbilt University

Vasser College

Villanova University

Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Tech

Wake Forest University

Washington University in St. Louis

Wellesley College

Wesleyan University

College of William and Mary

Yale University