The Language of Flowers

You can find lots of different meanings for flowers in books and on the Internet. Here are the meanings I used for Forget-Her-Nots:

Laurel’s flowers and their meanings:

alyssum (sweet) worth beyond beauty
amaranth (globe) immortality/ unfading love
ambrosia returned love
azalea temperance
basil hatred
basil (sweet) good wishes
bellflower, white gratitude
bluebell constancy
bougainvillea ???
buttercup ingratitude, childishness
cabbage rose ambassador of love
camellia (red) unpretending excellence
camellia (white) perfected loveliness
candytuft indifference
carnation (striped) refusal
carnation (yellow) disdain
cedar strength
chrysanthemum (white) truth
cinquefoil maternal affection
clematis mental beauty
columbine folly
coreopsis always cheerful
coriander hidden worth
creeping willow forsaken love
crocus (saffron) mirth
daffodil regard
daisy innocence
dead leaves melancholy, sadness
dogwood durability; love that overcomes adversity
fennel worthy of all praise, strength
fern fascination


flowering reed confidence in heaven to come
forget-me-nots forget me not, true love
forsythia anticipation
foxglove insincerity
gardenia (cape jasmine) transport of joy, I am too happy
geranium (oak leafed) true friendship
grass submission, utility
hibiscus delicate beauty
holly foresight
hollyhock ambition, fecundity
honeysuckle generous and devoted affection
hyacinth sport, game, play
hydrangea a boaster, heartlessness
iris message
ivy fidelity, marriage
jonquil I desire a return of affection
lady’s slipper capricious beauty
laurel glory
laurel, mountainlavender ambitiongood luck
lemon verbena enchantment, attract the opposite sex
lilac (purple) the first emotions of love
lily of the valley return of happiness
lily, orange coquetry
lily, white purity, sweetness
live oak liberty
magnolia love of nature
marigold grief
marjoram blushes
mint virtue
morning glory affection
moss maternal love
myrtle love
narcissus narcissism, egotism
orange tree generosity
orchid a belle, passion
pansies thoughts of you
parsley feast, festivity
peony shame, bashfulness
peppermint warmth of feeling
pinks (dianthus), double red pure and ardent love
pinks, single pure love
poppy, scarlet fantastic extravagance
quince temptation
raspberry remorse
rose love
rose, yellow decrease of love, jealousy; friendship
rosebud, white girlhood
rosemary remembrance
sage esteem
snowdrops hope
sunflower (tall) haughtiness
sunflower (dwarf) adoration
sweet William gallantry
thyme activity
tulip (red) a declaration of love
tulip (yellow) hopeless love, friendship
tulip (white) forgiveness
violet (blue) faithfulness
violet (purple) you occupy my thoughts
zinnia thoughts of absent friends